Graduate Certificate in Physiotherapy (Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy)

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    2021 Application Close Date - Friday February 19

    2021 Program Face to Face dates

    PHTY90002: Monday 7/6/21 -  Wednesday 16/6/21  (inclusive of Saturday 12/6/21)

    PHTY90003: Wednesday 16/6/21 - Friday 25/6/21

    PHTY90040: All applicants are required to submit a Professional Portfolio as part of their application and will be assessed for credit for the subject: PHTY90040 Physiotherapy Professional Portfolio. Where credit is awarded the course fee will be reduced accordingly.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Please Note:

    • Due Dates for applications are the preferred closing dates, however if places are still available, late applications may be considered
    • Information regarding fees can be found on the fees information section of the Study website
    • Some of the subjects linked to specialized areas of physiotherapy practice may be offered every 2 years only
    • Acceptance is subject to approval from the relevant coursework selection committee. Graduate Schools reserve the right to limit the availability of some subjects to those students enrolled in award degrees only. For high demand subjects, quota restrictions may apply; you may need to supply a supporting statement to enhance your chances of selection. If the number of available places in a quota restricted subject is filled prior to the application closing date for the semester, the applications will be considered for the following semester (where the subject is available for two semesters).

    We have put introductory material online and been able to reduce the length of the face to face component of the course to 3 weeks.

    The online lessons will open at the beginning of May. All enrolled students will get emails in April about this start date.

    Supporting documents for your application

    Include: A comprehensive CV on academic, clinical, professional & research experience and Professional Portfolio form.

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