Master of Nursing Science

    • CRICOS Code: 061211F
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    • Round 1 - Main Round - Application closing date: 19 September 2021.
    • Round 2 - Late Applications Only - Application closing date: 3 October 2021.
    • Offers: Offers to be issued from mid to late October. Outcomes will continue to be provided to applicants throughout November and December. Please keep an eye on your email for updates
    • Orientation will be scheduled in the week starting 21 February 2022. Students will need to arrive in Melbourne by Orientation as there are some face to face, practical teaching and clinical placement requirements for this course.

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    Please note, in order to ensure your application is considered for 2022 entry please submit your application by the round 1 closing date 19 September 2021. Applications submitted by the round 2 closing date will be considered subject to places available after round 1 offers.

    We encourage all applicants with a WAM of 65 or above to apply. This WAM is an indication only and may vary year to year depending on the applicant pool, achieving this WAM does not guarantee entry. Domestic applicants who have special circumstances are encouraged to apply through Graduate Access Melbourne to increase their eligibility.

    Information sessions (On-campus)

    Please keep an eye out for the next information session.

    Webinar (Online)

    Gain an insight into what the course and profession entails. Webinar recording is now available for viewing


    Local applicants (Australian and New Zealand citizens and Australian permanent residents) should apply directly to the University through the online application system.

    Please follow all instructions given by the application system.

    Indigenous Applicants

    Murrup Barak provides support services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students currently undertaking undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the University of Melbourne and its affiliated institutions.

    Frequently asked questions

    If I haven't finished my bachelor degree can I still apply?

    If you are in the final year of your bachelor degree you can still apply. Your application will be considered pending the outcome and availability of your final results. You may be made a conditional offer in this circumstance pending the satisfactory completion of your bachelor degree.

    What if I completed my bachelor degree more than ten years ago?

    If you completed your last degree more than ten years ago, you will need to demonstrate your capacity to study now. The Selection Committee may ask for your CV and consider any graduate study completed in the intervening period to determine current capacity for graduate study. The Committee may also look at significant relevant professional experience of greater than five years full-time equivalent.

    My bachelor degree was not related to nursing or health sciences. Can I still apply?

    Yes, you can apply on the basis of a bachelor degree in any discipline. Applicants are assumed to have knowledge of human anatomy.

    What grade point average will I need to enter the MNSc?

    This varies from year to year and is entirely dependent on the standard of the applicants for that year. As such, we do not publish a GPA requirement.

    How do I show that I have completed a bachelor degree?

    You can demonstrate this with a certified copy of your undergraduate transcript, provided the transcript states that the degree was completed and the date of completion. Students who completed their bachelor degree at the University of Melbourne do not need to provide a transcript.

    Do I need to supply original copies of documents?

    You may supply original or certified copies of documents with your application.

    What is a certified copy?

    A certified copy is a photocopy of the original document which has the signature and official stamp of one of the following people, indicating that they have sighted the original document:Barrister or solicitor, Police in Charge of Station, Pharmacist, Doctor, Dentist, Principal of School, Justice of Peace, Clerk of Court.The signature and stamp must appear on every page of the document.

    Can I apply for credit on the basis of nursing subjects I've already completed at university level?

    As the Master of Nursing Science is a graduate course, only nursing subjects undertaken at a graduate level will be considered for credit. Any subjects completed as part of a Bachelor of Nursing degree cannot be credited as part of the Master of Nursing Science degree. Please refer to the Advanced Standing page for further information.

    How long does the application process take?

    All applications are assessed in rounds. International applications may take longer to process, particularly if overseas qualifications need to be assessed for equivalency. This being the case, international applicants are strongly encouraged to apply early. Please note: Incomplete applications will not be considered.

    Can I do the course part-time?

    As the course is structured to deliver new material in parallel progression with the clinical skills developed through placements, it normally cannot be undertaken part-time.

    Can I do the course externally?

    No. The Master of Nursing Science is only delivered on campus.

    Once I successfully complete this degree, can I work as a Registered Nurse throughout Australia?

    Currently, the successful completion of the Master of Nursing Science will result in a Registered Nurse accreditation with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA), which is valid across all Australian states. However, national and state regulations are subject to change, and if you would like further information, it is best to contact the NMBA directly with your queries.

    Is there an undergraduate nursing course offered at the University of Melbourne that I can apply for instead of the Master of Nursing Science?

    Nursing offers only graduate-level courses. Therefore, our only entry-to-practice nursing course is the Master of Nursing Science.


    All Master of Nursing Nursing Science applicants commencing from 2021 must submit the Nursing and Midwifery Board English language skills declaration to satisfy the accreditation requirements of the course.


    Applicants can still satisfy the University English language requirement through prior tertiary study. For information about satisfying the NMBA requirement through tertiary study please refer to the NMBA English skills standard.

    Supporting documents for your application process

    Application process

    Applicants should complete an online application and either upload supporting documents directly to the online application or, alternatively, submit supporting materials directly to the Department of Nursing.

    Please also check that you meet the entry requirements before applying.

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