Master of Urban Design

    • CRICOS Code: 072812A

    How to apply

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    1. Completion of an undergraduate degree

    Ensure you meet the undergraduate degree (Bachelor degree) prerequisite for the program you would like to apply for.

    • A three-year undergraduate degree with a weighted average of at least 65% (equivalent to the University of Melbourne grading scheme) is required to apply for most programs in the MSD
    • View the Master of Urban Design entry requirements

    2. Submission of academic results

    • Provide an original or copy of your academic transcript together with a grading scale used by the University (or Faculty/Department) where you completed your undergraduate degree.
    • Please ensure any transcripts for studies completed as part of a study abroad/exchange program are included as well as transcripts for subjects transferred/credited towards your degree.
    • If you have completed your Bachelor degree at the University of Melbourne you do not need to submit a hard copy of your results.

    3. English language

    Domestic applicants who have not completed previous studies in Australia may need to satisfy the University's English Language requirements.

    4. Design portfolio

    A design portfolio is required for the Master of Urban Design.

    • After you have completed your University of Melbourne online application and received you University of Melbourne applicant identification number, you will need to set up a Slideroom account to upload your portfolio.
    • There is a portfolio submission fee of USD$5 which you will need pay before your portfolio can successfully be submitted. You can pay the submission fee using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB, Diner’s Club and China Union Pay.

    Submit your portfolio online through Slideroom

    Portfolio Requirements

    The design portfolio focus on design work (rather than, for example, life or still-life drawing skills). If you are submitting work done in the context of employment, you should explain your role in the work produced with brief notes.

    Where design work has been produced jointly, applicants must indicate their role in the production of the design. Images and drawings presented in the portfolio should be reproduced at sufficient scale and resolution to be clearly readable. Elaborate formats that reduce the available page space for the design images should be avoided.

    • The file size of your portfolio should not exceed 10 MB
    • The number of pages should not exceed 15-20 single pages. Please note this includes cover page and contents.
    • The portfolio must be saved as one PDF file and must be in landscape format
    • Note that portfolios are evaluated digitally and should be easily readable with limited zooming or scrolling

    Each page of your portfolio should include:

    • If your work is a product of university study please specify a short description of the brief, the academic year level of the studio, the subject name and the nature of your involvement (i.e. individual or group work)
    • If images are taken from work experience, clearly state the nature of your involvement in the project (drafting, design or other)
    • Where a page of the portfolio has multiple images, please label each image

    5. Application dates

    • Please note this course does not offer a Semester 2 intake
    • Semester start dates are available in the Academic Calendar
    • You should hear within 4 weeks of submission of your complete application (including all supporting documentation) when applying for the next available intake
    • Please be aware that applications which are not for the next immediate intake may take longer to assess as we prioritise applications for the upcoming semester
    • Late applications may be accepted in special circumstances.

    Before you apply

    1. Check the degree website
    2. Completion of an undergraduate degree
    3. Submission of academic results
    4. English Language Requirements
    5. Design portfolio
    6. Note application dates
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