Research program

If you want to come to Melbourne and complete a period of research as part of your home degree studies, you may be able to do this as an Exchange or Study Abroad student.

You will need to find an academic from the University of Melbourne willing to supervise your research for the duration of your stay.

You can undertake research at Melbourne for a minimum of three months and up to a maximum of twelve months. With special permission, this can be extended to two years.

Please submit your application at least 12 weeks in advance of your preferred start date.


To apply to do a research program at Melbourne, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • be enrolled in degree at an overseas institution recognised by the University of Melbourne and the purpose of your application is to undertake research towards a degree at your home institution;
  • meet the English language requirements of the University or satisfy the University that your level of English is suitable for the purpose and to meet any safety requirements for your research;
  • have the agreement in writing from an academic at the University of Melbourne agreeing to act as your temporary supervisor while you are enrolled here undertaking your research;
  • be staying for at least three months and for no more than two years, with special permission;
  • as an exchange student, be from a current exchange partner institution and have the support of your home institution exchange office to do so; or
  • as a study abroad student, be able to start your research at Melbourne at one of four times during the year: February, May, August or November (note that you can arrive within the month but your official start date will remain 1 February, May, August or November).

If these requirements are met, you can apply to come here as a research student.

Finding a supervisor

For all research students it's mandatory you to find a supervisor to give you guidance and support throughout the duration of your stay.

It's important you find a supervisor who has the expertise to guide you in your field of research. You also want to find someone who can fit with your research schedule and help and encourage you to reach your academic goals.

If you don't already have contacts at the University of Melbourne, a good place to find expert supervisors who may be able to supervise you in your research is the Find an expert website.

Visit Find an expert

Fees and payments

Study Abroad research students will need to pay tuition fees directly to Melbourne or you may have them waived by the hosting University of Melbourne faculty.

To find out how to pay your fees as a Study Abroad Research student, see Fees and payments.

Exchange research students are nominated by your home institution to undertake research at Melbourne through an exchange agreement, will not be required to pay tuition fees to the University of Melbourne. The exchange and study abroad office in your home institution is required to send us your nomination at the time of application.

How to apply

Download the guide to submit your Study Abroad Research application.


Once successfully submitted you will receive an acknowledgment email within several hours. Please forward that email to

Applications should be submitted at least 12 weeks in advance of your preferred start date.

Plan your arrival

Once you've applied and been accepted into a program, it's a good idea to start planning you arrival at Melbourne. From organising visas to finding accommodation, there are several things you'll need to get ready before you depart.

Start planning