Planning your arrival

Once you've been accepted into one of our programs, you'll want to start planning your move. This includes things like confirming your visa, finding a place to live, preparing your finances, organising an airport pickup, and packing all the essentials.

To help you plan, here are some of the things you’ll want to do before you leave home:

Organise your health care cover and visa

Overseas Student Health Cover

You need to arrange your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) in order to receive your student visa, as this is a condition of the Department of Home Affairs.

It could be the University of Melbourne preferred provider (Bupa) or your own choice of provider.

If you arrange your own OSHC through a different provider you must include evidence of your insurance when you accept your offer. It is important that your OSHC matches your visa length; where it is shorter, the Department of Home Affairs may reduce your visa duration to match your period of OSHC cover.

It is your responsibility to check and comply with all student visa requirements.

Find out more about getting OSHC

Student visa

Once you've been accepted into our Exchange or Study Abroad program, organised your OSHC and received your CoE, you can apply for your student visa.

To find out about student visa requirements in Australia, visit Department of Home Affairs – Studying in Australia

Are you Under 18?

If you're under 18 you'll also need to make appropriate accommodation and welfare arrangements for when you arrive. More information is available here.

Under 18 international students

Find accommodation

There are many options available to Exchange or Study Abroad students, including living in a Residential College, student apartment, share-house, homestay or temporary accommodation.

Temporary accommodation

If you prefer to wait until you arrive in Melbourne to secure your long-term housing, we recommend you arrange temporary accommodation before departing your home country.

There are a range of hotels and hostels you can choose from that offer temporary accommodation close to our Parkville campus.

Find temporary accommodation

Longer-term accommodation

To help you find more permanent accommodation, it's a good idea to first do your research on the different types of student accommodation available.

See Accommodation options

Residential Colleges

There are 12 Residential Colleges for undergraduate and graduate students, located on the Parkville campus or within short walking distance.

The colleges provide academic and pastoral support as well as 24-hour access to study-related facilities including libraries, music practice rooms and common areas. College students live in fully furnished single rooms which all have phone and internet connection. All meals are provided.

If you want to apply for a Residential College, you need to apply through our special application process for Exchange and Study Abroad students.

Book an airport pick up

You need to book your airport pickup three business days before you arrive.

This is a 24 hour service run by TOGOTO from Tullamarine airport to the CBD (Central Business District), Parkville and surrounding areas. It does not run from Avalon airport.

You may have to pay additional costs if you need to travel further.

How to book

You can book airport pick up online. You need to do this three days before you arrive.

Book airport pick now

Fees may apply if you're travelling to further areas, have additional passengers, or request airport pickup but don’t use it on arrival. If you're coming with two people or more, it may also be cheaper to take a taxi from the airport (about A$55).

Budget for living in Australia

This is vital to ensure you can afford to live as a student in Melbourne, as well as be able to travel and have fun outside of class.

To find out what you need to budget for, see Your living costs

Pack for every season!

In Victoria we have four seasons, so make sure you bring clothing for every kind of weather. Refer to the Bureau of Meteorology to see what kind of weather to expect when you arrive.

Some student accommodation will already be furnished, so you won't need to bring much. Some may require you to bring linen, so ensure you check this before you book.

If you need to furnish your room in a sharehouse or private rental, you can organise this when you arrive. You can find helpful resources on what you may need to do in our accommodation section.

Support and advice

If you need help transitioning to life at Melbourne, get in touch with our student support team at Stop 1. They can offer advice on course planning, tuition fees, student loans, finding student accommodation and more.

Contact Stop 1