A guide to guaranteed entry scores for Trinity College Foundation Studies*

Note: this score is guaranteed for 2023 intake only.

The final score is calculated by taking the average best four subject results. Indicated prerequisite subjects must be included in the final best four calculation.

Course nameGuaranteed entry score** Prerequisite subjects
Agriculture 75 EAP, English and Mathematics 1
Arts 80 EAP and a score of at least 70 per cent for both English# and History of Ideas#
Biomedicine 91 EAP, English, Chemistry and Mathematics 1
Commerce 86 EAP, English, Mathematics 1# and History of Ideas
Applicants intending to commence a major in Actuarial Studies mid-year (July) must complete Mathematics 2
Design 80 EAP and English
Environment, Development and Design is a recommended subject for the Bachelor of Design
Applicants intending to major in Civil Systems, Computing, Construction, Mechanical Systems, Property or Spatial Systems may be required to undertake a bridging subject in mathematics as breadth in first year
Fine Arts NA^ EAP, English, History of Ideas
Music NA^ EAP, English, History of Ideas, Music and knowledge of music theory and harmony of at least AMEB Grade 5 or equivalent
Oral Health 80** EAP, English and one of Biology or Chemistry
Science 80 EAP, English, Mathematics 1 and one of Biology, Chemistry or Physics
EAP, English and both Mathematics 1 and Mathematics 2

* Guaranteed scores apply if you meet the required final score and prerequisites. This includes any specific prerequisite elective subjects for the course, as well as achieving at least 50 per cent in English for Academic Purposes (EAP). Guarantee scores apply only if no further study has been undertaken after completion of the Trinity College Foundation Studies Program

** Indicative score only, entry is not guaranteed.

^ A range of criteria is used for selection. Applicants must be qualified for University entry and have satisfied the course-specific additional requirements

#These prerequisite subjects are included in the final best four calculation.

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