Use of predicted grades

The University accepts forecast results for students from an approved school. Forecast results will be accepted for entry into most undergraduate courses offered by the university. To be eligible for entry into the university based on forecast results the following requirements must be met:

  • GCE A Levels – Applicants must have a predicted grade in prerequisite subjects at a level at or above the currently approved requirement for entry. Applicants must have a predicted grade at least equal to the guaranteed entry score for the course for which they have applied.
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) – The predicted grade in prerequisite subjects must be at or above the level currently approved for entry and the total predicted IB score must be at least 2 points higher than the approved guaranteed entry score.

Entry after post-secondary studies

Study that you have completed after secondary or high school may qualify you for entry. You still need to satisfy the minimum requirements for entry including the prerequisites for your preferred course.

If you are eligible for entry, and have successfully completed learning elsewhere that is at a similar level and standard, which is equivalent in content to studies within a University of Melbourne course, you may also be eligible for admission with credit.

General requirements

As a guide, a minimum average of 70% or equivalent*, is required for entry based on study completed at university level. The levels of performance required may be higher and may vary by course. Entry is not guaranteed.