A guide to entry scores for the Ontario (Canada) Secondary School Diploma/Canadian Pre-University Program

To be eligible for consideration for an offer, international students must achieve at least the required score as listed above, meet the course prerequisites, achieve the required grades in specified prerequisite subjects and satisfy the English language requirement.

Course name Entry score guide1 Prerequisite subjects2
Agriculture 76 English and Calculus and Vectors and Advanced Function
Arts 83 English
Applicants for the Economics major are strongly encouraged to complete Calculus and Vectors and Advanced Function
Biomedicine 93 English, Chemistry, Calculus and Vectors and Advanced Functions
Commerce 87 English, Calculus and Vectors and Advanced Function
Design 83 English
Fine Arts NA4 NA4
Music NA4 NA4
Oral Health 83 English
One subject of Biology or Chemistry
Science 83 English, Calculus and Vectors and Advanced Functions
One subject of Biology, Chemistry or Physics

1 The average of the best five final-year subjects.
2English-Pass ENG4U, ENG3U, ENG3C or ENG4C (only for students completing the qualification in Canada or Sunway College Malaysia).

Students can satisfy subject prerequisites by taking the following studies or tests. If the qualification you have completed, or intend on completing, does not appear at the link above, please ensure you attach a syllabus/subject outline to your application. Students completing the program outside Canada must meet the University’s English language requirements by achieving the required score in an approved English proficiency test such as TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge or Pearson Test of English.

3Applicants intending to major in Civil Systems, Computing, Construction, Mechanical Systems, Property or Spatial Systems may be required to undertake a bridging subject in mathematics as breadth in first year. This is equivalent to Units 3 and 4 Mathematical Methods, and entry requires a mathematics background equivalent to Units 1 and 2 Mathematical Methods

4 Admissions is based on either a portfolio or audition and completion of high school. Applicants must be qualified for University entry and have satisfied the course-specific extra requirements.

For the British Columbia Secondary School Diploma, click here. For all other English-speaking Canadian provinces, the minimum entry scores and prerequisites are either the same or similar to the British Columbia and Ontario high school diploma scores. The University does not recognise the Quebec CEGEP qualification for admissions to its bachelors degrees.