How to apply

Key Events & Dates for Extension Program 2019 Cohort

Applications open

Week commencing 17 September

Extension Program Information Evening Event

Wednesday 12 September 2018

Applications close

Tuesday 18 December 2018

Applicants informed of their outcome

By Friday 18 January 2019

Extension Program Welcome Day Event

Wednesday 23 January 2019

Semester 1 classes start

Monday 4 March 2019

Steps to applying for the Melbourne Extension program

There are 23 subject areas available. You can choose only one to study – so carefully research.

View the full list of subject areas

Things to consider:

  • What the subjects are about and if you will enjoy them
  • The timetable, contact hours, locations and ease of transport to classes
  • What kinds of assessment the subjects involve
  • Whether you will meet the prerequisite requirements.

You'll need to be studying a normal full-time VCE or IB load over Year 11 and 12, have completed a minimum of five VCE Unit ¾ subjects or equivalent IB subjects at the conclusion of your secondary studies, and have at least a B+ average across non-prerequisite/co-requisite subjects.

You'll also require a school recommendation, principal approval, and permission from your parents.

Your application will be assessed by looking at your results in all Units 1 and 2 subjects as well as any Units 3 and 4 subjects you have already completed. You'll need to satisfy subject prerequisites and requirements.

Forms you’ll need to complete and submit:

Parent/Guardian Permission Form

Teacher Recommendation and Principal Approval Form

For more information, see Eligibility

Once you have established that you are eligible and have permissions for the Extension Program, you will need to submit an online application.

Make sure your application is complete and you’ve submitted everything you need to by midnight Tuesday 18 December.  If your application is not complete at this date then it might cause a delay in you getting your outcome.

Start online application

Once you have begun the application under ‘Apply as a new student’, registered your name, contact details and citizenship, you will be able to commence a course application

Course application steps

  1. To begin the Extension Program application, just enter the Course Code 'NA-UMEP' into the 'Course Code' box on the Course application page, then click the 'Search' button.
  2. Once the Extension Program is listed ('University of Melbourne Extension Program - NA-UMEP'), click the blue 'Add' button next to the '2019, Fee Exempt, Part Time, On Campus, Standard' option. Please note: All Extension Program subject areas are classified as 'On Campus', even those that are delivered at School Centres.
  3. Once the University of Melbourne Extension Program has been added to your application, you will need to click the blue 'Proceed with Application' button (at the bottom right of the screen).
  4. There are no scholarships associated with the Extension Program (as the University of Melbourne does not charge tuition fees for Extension Program enrolment), so you will need to click the blue 'Skip this step' button on the 'Search for a scholarship' screen.
  5. Click the blue 'Skip this step' button on the 'Advanced Standing Application' screen.
  6. Once the Extension Program is listed on the 'Courses' screen, click the blue 'Proceed with Application' button.
  7. You will now need to complete all online application requirements, including uploading the Parent/Guardian Permission Form and Teacher Recommendation and Principal Approval Form, plus any other documentation required to support your application.

Start your online application now

Complete your application at your convenience

You can click the blue 'Save' button at any time, then return to your application later. Just make sure that you always log back in to your application using the ID number and password. These are the same ones that the system automatically emails to you after you have registered your name and contact details.

Once you have successfully submitted your online application you will receive an automatic email from the University, confirming receipt of your 2019 Extension Program online application.

Submit the correct documents

While this email confirms that your online application has been submitted successfully, you must still make sure all required documents (including results) are attached to your application by midnight Tuesday 18 December in order to be considered for a place in the 2019 Extension Program.

What you need to submit

Complete the process by logging back into your online application to submit:

  • Complete copies of your Year 11 school reports (both semester 1 and semester 2), including details of all VCE Unit 1/2 results, or Year 11 IB results (please include a grading scale key so that your results can be easily standardised for assessment purposes). If you completed any Unit 1/2 subjects prior to Year 11 please also submit the reports for these.
  • A copy of your official ‘Statement of results’ for any VCE Unit 3/4 subjects that you have completed in Year 11 or earlier (if applicable)
  • A copy of your VASS ‘Full Details Report’ (your school should be able to provide this)

Please note: If you will be away in December you must make arrangements for another person to submit your school reports, VCE Unit 1/2 and 3/4 (if applicable) results (or your Year 11 IB results) to the Extension Program office on your behalf. It is your responsibility to submit your documentation by Tuesday 18 December 2018.

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