Graduate Certificate in Health Economics and Economic Evaluation

The experience


Within the Graduate Certificate of Health Economics and Economic Evaluation you will learn the foundations of health economic theory and data analysis and apply your knowledge to practical economic evaluation case studies.

The day-to-day experience

You will be taught by practicing health economics researchers, such as Dr Tessa Peasgood and Dr Li Huang, amongst others.

You will develop skills in the economic analysis of health, health care and health policy issues by learning to ‘think like an economist’ and applying economic theory and quantitative approaches to these issues.

You will learn the principles, concepts and methods of economic evaluation and their application to health care and public health. You will explore the key elements of an economic evaluation study design and be able to critically review economic evaluation studies; assessing their quality and use in supporting resource allocation decisions.

You will also gain some hands-on practical experience in applying common methods and software used to undertake economic evaluations and health economics research.

Learning mode

The Graduate Certificate of Health Economics and Economic Evaluation will be available online in 2022. The online portal allows you to connect seamlessly with other students and your teachers. The subject is delivered through a combination of lectures (most of which are pre-recorded in short bite-size lectures), real time tutorials and workshops, and wide variety of engaging activities delivered via the online platform.

Is this the right course for me?

This Graduate Certificate is suitable for you if you:

  • have an interest in evaluating interventions within public health and/or health care and exploring issues of fairness and value for money
  • are looking to upskill in the area of health economics and economic evaluation and apply this knowledge and tool kit to your own decision making
  • are thinking of a career change
  • are willing to engage with statistics, data analysis and conceptual thinking (no previous experience in economics is necessary)

If you have previously completed post-graduate study in Health Economics through a Master of Public Health, or similar degree, you may be eligible for credit, reducing the number of subjects required to receive the Graduate Certificate in Health Economics and Economic Evaluation to two subjects, instead of four subjects.

The subjects completed within the Graduate Certificate can be used as credit in the world-renowned Master of Public Health course.