Master of Creative Writing, Publishing and Editing

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Student profile: Megan Cheong – Development Editor, Oxford University Press

Megan Cheong

A former chemical engineering graduate and secondary school science teacher, Megan Cheong began studying creative writing through a graduate certificate. But after her initial studies convinced her she wanted to work with words, she moved in the Master of Creative Writing, Publishing and Editing.

While it was creative writing which drew her to the degree, Megan was surprised by how much she enjoyed editing as well. “I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing, but there’s something uniquely satisfying about mending broken sentences,” she says. “In publishing and editing, I’ve actually really enjoyed the assignments. The work reflected that of a professional editor, and convinced me that I wanted to work in publishing.”

Although still studying, Megan has already begun working in the publishing industry – and credits her masters with preparing her for the role.

“I’m fortunate enough to already have a job as a development editor at Oxford University Press. My studies allowed me to talk comfortably about the editing and publishing processes in my interview,” she said. “I also think the work I did in editing really improved my ability to structure a text logically and edit for clarity. There has been a lot to learn on the job, but it was good to start the job in the right headspace.”

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