Master of Film and Television

    • CRICOS Code: 075498D

    What will I study?


    Narrative and documentary

    Specialise in either narrative or documentary subjects. And write, direct and edit your own production, completed both creatively and technically to a professional level.

    Screen language and Script writing

    Screen language covers major aspects of direction onto a film set. It gives you the practical skills to as well as the ability to analyse film directing styles.

    Script writing deals with moving picture language and principles of characterization and dramatic form. You’ll undertake additional specialist screenwriting tutorials relevant to their strand of study.

    Your first two years of study

    In first-year, you are introduced to facets of motion picture production within your chosen specialisation.

    In second year, you assume responsibility for the creative and technical production of a major project at a professional level.

    Graduate Diploma

    You can exit the course early after completion of Year 1 to obtain a Graduate Diploma of Film and Television.

    Sample course plan

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