Master of Food Science

  • CRICOS code: 061970M

The experience



Our state-of-the-art sensory lab facility drives research into understanding the sensory and emotional response of consumers towards food products, while our advanced analytical lab facility drives research into phytochemicals, viticulture and new bioactives. Both support the agriculture and food industries to produce high-quality products that are sought after by consumers around the world.


It’s not just what you know that matters – it’s also who you know. University of Melbourne alumni work at all levels of industry, governance and research in the food sector, and many have chosen to mentor students in the Master of Food Science and other courses to pass on their knowledge and meet the next generation of leaders.

Students who are selected for the graduate mentoring program have the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of the Australian food sector and connect with industry experts at events and one-on-one meetings.


University student life doesn’t stop when your classes do. There are over 200 clubs you could join at the University of Melbourne, representing interests that range from food to robotics to film.

The Graduate Agriculture and Food Society (GAFS) runs events for students in graduate degrees like the Master of Food Science, organises industry visits and tours and shares jobs and opportunities such as study tours to add to your experience. For more information get in touch.

Meet Master of Food Science student Maria who discovered her love for coffee while studying the chemistry of coffee flavour. Find out more about her research project and why she chose to study at the University of Melbourne.