Master of Food Science

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    Where will this take me?


    Become a food scientist

    This degree will prepare you for a range of advanced positions in the food industries. Your research experience and deeper understanding of the science of food will make you a more valuable employee to more prospective employers, whether you are just starting in the industry or you gained experience before enrolling. Potential careers include:

    • Food formulation scientist: Develop recipes for new products and improve existing products to meet the needs of consumers.
    • Food safety and compliance specialist: Monitor and maintain food safety standards in government or industry.
    • Research scientist: Take part in research to improve food flavour and health benefits.
    Take your learning further with a graduate research degree

    If you achieve consistently high grades in university study and want to take your immersion in food science further, you may be able to commence a graduate research degree after completing a degree with a substantial research component like a Master of Food Science. or a Bachelor of Science with an Honours year in Food Science.

    This could lead to a research or teaching position at a university, government, an international organisation or in the food industry.

    The University of Melbourne offers two research qualifications in Food Science:

    Alternative Study Option

    As an alternative study option, you may wish to consider an completing an Honours year. Honours is a one-year program building upon your undergraduate degree that will draw together your previous studies and focus your knowledge, skills and intellect on original research. Designed to give you advanced research, analytical and communications skills, honours can further prepare you for employment, or for a graduate research degree.

    For eligibility requirements and further information, please visit the Honours website.

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