Master of Food Science

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Where will this take me?


Become a food scientist

This degree will prepare you to work towards an advanced position in the food industry. Your research experience and deep understanding of the science of food will make you a more valuable employee to more prospective employers, whether you are just starting in the industry or you gained experience before enrolling.

Potential careers for graduates include:

  • Food formulation scientist: Develop recipes for new products and improve existing products to meet the needs of consumers
  • Food safety and compliance specialist: Monitor and maintain food safety standards in government or industry
  • Food policy specialist: Work with governments, NGOs and other organisations to advise on the best way to provide healthy food to our local, regional and global communities
  • Research scientist: Conduct research to improve food flavour and health benefits.
Take your learning further

If you achieve consistently high grades and want to take your immersion in food science further, you may be able to progress to a graduate research degree following the Master of Food Science.

This could lead to a research or teaching position at a university, in government, at an international organisation or in the food industry.

The University of Melbourne offers two research qualifications in Food Science:


Shucheeta Trivedi

“In an age of rapid technological innovations, food science and nutrition is one of those fields that has cemented its status as an integral part of our lives. Food product formulations, processing and even politics is impacted by a wide variety of parameters including cultural and traditional practices and ways of life, making it one of the most interesting science disciplines.

Getting a chance to peek behind the curtain and get a better idea of how the multibillion-dollar food industry works was a big draw for me," says Shucheeta Trivedi (India), Master of Food Science student at the University of Melbourne.

"I am really interested in seeing the food industry pioneer new sustainability principles, while becoming more conscious of ethical production and sourcing.

I can't wait to see more developments into lab-grown meats, plant-based meat and egg analogs. With the seal of approval from The University of Melbourne and the knowledge and practical skills I have amassed over the last two years, I am feeling optimistic about my future career.”