Master of Philosophy - Architecture, Building and Planning

    • CRICOS Code: 061947K

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    Tanja Beer

    PhD Candidate

    The Paradigm and Practice of Ecological Design in the Performing Arts

    “Global environmental concerns bring with them an opportunity to shift current practices throughout our cultural sectors. My thesis explores the intersection between performance and ecological stage design practice, with emphasis on the emerging paradigm of ‘eco-scenography’ – a movement that seeks to integrate ecological principles into all stages of scenographic (stage design) production. Eco-scenography rethinks past processes of stage design practice and embraces creative opportunities of ecological thinking. Using my own creative practice as a testing ground, my thesis examines the role of the eco-scenographer as an activist and facilitator of change within the performing arts and the broader community.”

    Byron Kinnaird

    PhD Candidate

    Negotiating Educations: Methods for change in architecture education in Australasia

    “Contemporary educators and architects are experiencing rapidly evolving cultures of learning and practice in their field. To stay relevant and useful, architecture education changes continually, and not always coherently. Looking meticulously at these changes, my research observes potentially disparate priorities being negotiated by stakeholders in a number of regulatory frameworks. Accreditation procedures are a useful case because they offer a structured space where this negotiation can occur. Expanding on discussions with professionals, educators and students, my research proposes new strategies to regulate and reform architecture education.”