Master of Psychiatry

  • CRICOS code: 079406C

What will I study?


Gain a holistic, comprehensive view of the exciting field of psychiatry and all of its sub-specialties. . Explore principles of hope, recovery and quality of life directly from experienced consumers.

Evidence based learning

Develop an understanding of aetiology, diagnosis, formulation, assessment, prognosis and management using evidence based principles for all of the major categories of psychiatric disorders.

Take on an integrated scientific understanding of neurobiological and genetic factors alongside psychosocial concepts allowing comprehensive psychiatric formulation to take place

Gain new perspectives and insights

Graduate from the course being able to expertly describe all major psychiatric disorders, their co-morbidities as well as effective treatments for each of them across the age range from childhood developmental disorders, to adults in psychiatric or medical wards or communities to old age patients in geriatric or aged care wards or communities. Some of the diverse range of skills you will develop include being a leader in the field with effective communication skills, furthering your prowess in ethics and mental health law or ability to write and publish research papers to name a few.

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