Master of Science (BioSciences)

  • CRICOS code: 094593C


The Master of Science (BioSciences) is a 200-point course, made up of:

  • Discipline core subjects (25 points)
  • Discipline elective subjects (25–37.5 points)
  • A professional skills subject (12.5–25 points)
  • A research project (125 points).

For full-time students, in your first-year, you will complete most of your coursework subjects, while also beginning work on your research project. In your second year, you will complete any remaining coursework subjects but your focus will be the research project.

For part-time students, in your first year, you will complete four coursework subjects which will prepare you for your research project. In your second and third years, you will conduct your research project. In your fourth year, you will complete the final semester of your research project, and then complete two final coursework subjects (including the communication subject) in your eighth and last semester.

All students take a subject on communication for research scientists, which ensures you’re able to speak and write about your research professionally and impactfully.

Your discipline elective subjects are selected in consultation with your research project supervisor and should be relevant to your research topic.

You can also choose to complete an 80–100-hour internship in a science and technology workplace.

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Master of Science (Biosciences) – 200 point program

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