Master of Urban Horticulture

    • CRICOS Code: 061121G

    What will I study?


    Course structure

    Students with an undergraduate degree in horticulture or plant science will complete the 150-point program.

    Students without an undergraduate degree in horticulture or plant science will complete the 200-point program.

    The program will be made up of:

    • Compulsory core subjects (50 points for the 150-point program; 100 points for the 200-point program
    • Discipline elective subjects (maximum of 75 points), which can include an optional research project
    • Professional skills subjects (minimum of 12.5 points)

    You are encouraged to undertake a horticulture industry internship, either 12.5 or 25 points, where you’ll spend at least 80 or 160 hours with a host institution, applying what you’ve learned in a workplace, building networks and gaining practical experience.

    All students also have the option of a research project, either 25 or 50 points, carried out over two semesters. One of our expert researchers will provide supervision and direction.

    Students can choose to exit after the first year of full-time study (100 points) with a Graduate Diploma in Urban Horticulture, but with an opportunity to come back later to complete the Masters.

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    Explore the subjects you could choose as part of this degree.

    The 200 point Master of Urban Horticulture program is normally completed over two years of full-time study but many students study part-time. However, there are different entry points available to students with a horticulture/plant science study background and those with no horticulture / plant science study experience.The program comprises of:75 credit points of Core subjects (200 point program); Plus A minimum of 75 credit points of Discipline Elective subjects; A minimum of 25 credit points of Science Toolbox and Business Tool/Scientific Communication subjects A maximum of 25 credit points of General Elective subjects