Specialist Certificate in the Management of Contact Lens Patients


    Course structure

    The Specialist Certificate in the Management of Contact Lens Patients consists of a single 25 point subject studied over a semester.

    Intended learning outcomes

    On completion of this course the students should have:

    • Advanced knowledge and skills in their selected fields of clinical optometry
    • A detailed knowledge in the use and application of specific advanced diagnostic techniques and/or instrumentation
    • An advanced ability to evaluate and synthesize research from the scientific and clinical literature
    • An appreciation of the value of, and the ability to achieve, collaboration with other healthcare professionals as an effective means to aid clinical problem-solving
    • The capacity to interpret and integrate information from a variety of sources (such as patient presentation details, advanced diagnostic techniques, scientific, clinical and technical literature, and other healthcare professionals), in the development of the most appropriate patient management
    • The ability and initiative to offer enhanced clinical services based on their in-depth study in selected fields of clinical optometry
    • Have advanced their clinical skills and developed a flexibility of outlook such that they are better able to respond to future paradigm shifts in the scope of optometric management.

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    25 point program

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