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Animal production relies on skills in and knowledge of animal physiology, growth and nutrition, health and disease, welfare science and behaviour. Students who complete the major in Production Animal Science can consider a range of interesting careers or enter further study in agricultural science or veterinary medicine.


  • Animal nutritionist: improve livestock growth and productivity
  • Animal health or welfare officer: enforce the law and educate the public
  • Quarantine officer: maintain biosecurity, keeping Australia and other countries disease free
  • Pharmaceutical representative: inform producers of the latest medical advancements and how and when to use them
  • Feedlot manager: combine the above skills to run an efficient, profitable and ethical operation
  • Extension officer: explain the latest scientific research to individual farmers and businesses and help them to find technical solutions to issues

Continue study to gain qualification as a veterinarian. Students who study the Production Animal Science major and gain entry into the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program will receive a minimum of 25 points of subject credit towards their first year of graduate studies.