Short course

Focused Cardiac Ultrasound Transthoracic Echocardiography Certification


Be awarded with certification in Focused Cardiac Ultrasound from Melbourne University, a world leader in Point of Care Ultrasound Education and Research and Australia’s #1 university.

Bridging the gap between your foundational theory and clinical practice, our course will develop your competency and confidence in performing and interpreting Focused Cardiac Ultrasound (FCU) under supervision from accredited FCU trainers at your hospital.

Building on your foundational skills developed in the FCU TTE Simulator or iHeartScan course, you will experience a blended learning course, gaining the opportunity to complete supervised scanning sessions on patients with pathology.

Conducted at your hospital via a series of bedside mentored scans, supervised by FCU trainers accredited by the University of Melbourne.

The course content and structure are consistent with other specialist organisation's policies of FCU.

Designed For

Undergraduate and postgraduate clinicians who wish to integrate the use of FCU into their clinical practice and achieve local recognition of their training. The FCU protocol used is iHeartScan, which is focused on acute and critical care medicine such as anaesthesia, intensive care and emergency medicine.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand what is FCU competence and the level of certification and credentialing achieved by completing this course
  2. Develop proficiency in operation of an ultrasound machine in performing, interpreting and sharing FCU images
  3. Build on your knowledge in assessing haemodynamic state
  4. Build your confidence in using FCU to identify or exclude significant ventricular, valvular, and pericardial disease
  5. Understand how to integrate bedside FCU in your workplace
  6. Gain clinical practice experience by completing and logging 30 supervised FCU scans

Course Units

The focus is on practical aspects of FCU and includes short instructional videos.

Course Content

Subject One:

  • Tutorial 1: Introduction
  • Tutorial 2: Operation of Point of Care Ultrasound Machines
  • Tutorial 3: Clinical Case Studies, Reporting and Performing the Logbook
  • Tutorial 4: Supervised session 1 - Getting Started in FCU TTE
  • Tutorial 5: Supervised session 2 - Haemodynamic state and Measurements
  • Tutorial 6: Supervised session 3 - Valves and Pericardium and putting it all together
  • Tutorial 7: Supervised session 4 - FCU Peer Review Audit Meetings
  • Tutorial 8: Completing the FCU TTE Certification Course

Background Reading:

  • Tutorial 9: Transthoracic Echocardiography Examination
  • Tutorial 10: Haemodynamic State Assessment
  • Tutorial 11: Views, Valves and Pericardium



  • Successful completion of all Subject 2 MCQ's (pass>=70%)
  • MCQ end of course exam (pass>=70%)


  • Minimum 3 supervised sessions and one peer review audit meeting
  • Minimum submission of 30 supervised scans
  • Meetings with your supervisor to discuss progress
  • End of course image acquisition test

Students can study the eLearning component in their own time and location. Course materials can be accessed using a web browser.

Course Directors

  • David Canty
  • Colin Royse
  • Alistair Royse


  • Nathan Peters
  • David Canty
  • Colin Royse
  • Alistair Royse
  • Charith Weeraratne
  • Lindsay Bridgford

Application Procedure and Course Fees

Please contact your respective hospitals regarding application procedures and course fees. Current participating hospitals:

  • Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, QLD
  • Monash Health, VIC
  • Frankston Hospital, VIC

Contact Us

    Ultrasound Education Group

    A: Level 6, Centre for Medical Research (entrance 5), Royal Parade, Parkville VIC 3050

    P: (03) 8344 5673 | E:

Course Information


Course Fee: Please contact your respective hospital for complete pricing.



Entry requirements

FCU TTE, iHeartScan or iHeartScan Advanced (or equivalent). Medical practitioners or students, and practitioners qualified in a health-related field