Design has the power to transform and provide lasting solutions that improve our lives.

If you are imaginative, enjoy learning about new fields and want to play a role in improving the way we live and the places we live in, the Bachelor of Design is for you. Learn how to think differently while developing expertise and practical skills.

As the most popular design course in Victoria, we believe in your potential and are committed to developing your skills throughout your studies, which is why we don’t require a folio for entry. We have a range of specialist Design scholarships available including those for high-achieving school leavers from rural Victoria or interstate, and for lateral entry students.


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The exposure to industry through guest crits and speakers, industry nights, internship subjects and more, provided me with greater knowledge of the wider industry and the magnitude of the roles and opportunities within. I have gained technical skills like drawing, model making and using digital technologies while developing my communication and interpersonal skills, with presentations being an important part of the design process. I have learnt how to be critical of my own work in order to really get the most out of my time here at university.

Grace Creati
Bachelor of Design
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The University offers a variety of specialisations for students to explore different interests, which has allowed me to select both Design History and Environmental Systems. The Global Foundations of Design subject is incredibly engaging, covering a wide range of significant architectural typologies and sets a strong basis in terms of understanding and analysing architecture, encouraging me to think deeper and differently about the spaces we occupy. The quality of education and organisation at the University of Melbourne is clear, with many University academics at the forefront of design and research in Australia and globally.

Will Scobie
Bachelor of Design
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Your specialisation will give you that extra edge with employers. You’ll have access to a choice of 12 majors, double majors and minors, and industry-focused specialisations.