The software industry is huge as we rely on data and digital systems more every day. You could design the next trending mobile app or financial products to keep the industry up to date with the latest technology. Within the major you’ll build the practical skills for programming, analysing computer networks and be able to apply these skills in a range of industries.

You’ll use programming languages, learn about the systematic processes behind the software development life cycle and gain an appreciation of advanced computing.

You can take this major in either the Bachelor of Design or the Bachelor of Science.

In the major, you’ll learn the process of preparing software and applications, so that it’s consistent, meets the user’s needs and fulfils the goals of the project. In addition to building  programming skills and understanding the development of digital material, you’ll develop skills in making the software production process more efficient.

The software development lifecycle and computing programming skills are going to be important elements for a career in the software industry. Consider how you can apply design or scientific skills to solve problems in areas of media computation, data manipulation and visualisation, interaction design and visibility.

Through this major, you’ll get accredited with the Australian Computer Society.

If you want to become an accredited software engineer, you can use this major as a pathway to the Master of Software Engineering.