Major overview


Urban planning is the art of making places. It’s a collaborative process that shapes the physical setting for life in urban areas.

Urban planning focuses on the intersection of the built environment and the public interest. Urban planners explore the design and planning of public spaces, taking into consideration social, economic, aesthetic and environmental factors. Urban planners and designers are actively engaged with some of the most pressing issues of our time, including increased urbanisation, climate change and sustainable resourcing.

In the Urban Planning major, you will develop a broad knowledge of the history, theory, leading concepts and principles of urban planning and design. You will understand the role of planners in influencing environmental sustainability, economic resilience and social equity in cities and towns, and be able to identify the main trends and factors shaping the development of local, national, regional and global communities.

As we adapt to global changes that impact our cities – including climate change, deepening social inequality, concerns for community health and safety, and the emergence of global city-regions – planning has never been more critical.