Graduate Certificate in Primary Care Nursing

The experience


Nurses who choose to further their career by studying the Graduate Certificate in Primary Care Nursing student, you will have a passion for driving excellence in nursing and are keen to improve the lives of those in their care. As a student, you will consolidate your practical experience with current evidence-based techniques and a detailed understanding of primary care nursing. As a graduate, this course will set you apart as a highly skilled nurse and prepare you for further study.

Day-to-day experience

This program has been designed specifically to fit around your busy schedule and workload. You will engage in weekly online tasks and active peer-to-peer learning, working through coursework with nurses who are currently working in primary care, or transitioning away from acute nursing.
You will be encouraged to reflect on contemporary issues in primary care nursing on the discussion board or via a reflective journal. This will help you to develop a key understanding of the health issues faced by people living in the community and the nurses’ role within a  comprehensive multidisciplinary team.

Learning mode

This practical, theoretical and evidence-based course focuses on chronic disease management and preventive health, skills that you will need to progress your career in primary care nursing.

Throughout the course, you will complete assignments that focus on the current primary care issues. Interviews conducted with patients and primary health care providers will prepare you to provide exceptional patient-centred care in primary care settings. All coursework, assessments and tasks can be completed asynchronously to fit around your work schedule. Discussion board tasks provide contact and support from your peers and the course coordinator. While you will be completing much of the study on your own, you will also be well supported by expert University of Melbourne teaching staff.

Student experience

Sandra Cucanchon Gomez completed the Graduate Certificate in Primary care Nursing in 2021 and is now enrolled in the nurse practitioner program.  Sandra is a primary care nurse who is a nurse practitioner candidate in general practice. Hear Sandra talk about her experience of the program below.