Master of Architecture/Master of Urban Cultural Heritage

  • CRICOS code: 105513B


With over thirty full-time academics and a broad range of leading architectural practitioners, the program has a depth and breadth of teaching and research performance unmatched within the Southeast-Asian and Australasian regions.

The ethos of the program emphasises the central role of design in the studio. Our studios develop strong interdisciplinary understanding, excellent communication skills, critical thinking and the ability to use resources, materials and technologies to develop responsible and ecologically sound and novel design solutions. Professional and community involvement play an integral role in our studio experiences.

Heritage professionals help to tackle a broad range of challenges, including the pressures of rapid urbanisation, issues of economic, social and environmental sustainability, as well as social and cultural change. As such, the urban cultural heritage aspects will examine contemporary and theoretical approaches to heritage policy, which includes regulation and practice, new approaches to digital technologies and heritage, issues of heritage significance within historical and cross-cultural contexts, cultural heritage and its social and economic impacts including tourism and heritage reconstruction. Students will gain critical research and presentation skills in the analysis, documentation and management of heritage sites, landscapes, and tangible and intangible cultural practices.

Students also study a range of specialist electives, with the option to undertake a research project or industry internship.

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Benjamin Petkov

“As part of my degree, I completed an internship with Extent amounting to four weeks of full-time placement (160 hours). This practical hands-on industry exposure equipped me with an understanding of the workings of a professional workplace and offered a chance to practice everything I had been taught in my degree. My engaging in the MUCH Heritage Industry Internship can be understood as being inextricably linked to my current employment.” Benjamin Petkov. Master of Urban and Cultural Heritage student.

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