Master of Clinical Audiology

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    The experience


    Lauren Story, Bachelor of Biomedicine; Master of Clinical Audiology

    I came from a background in biomedicine, and originally wanted to go into cancer research. During my degree, I figured that wasn’t for me; I wanted something more people-oriented. I applied for audiology as one of a few Masters applications, figuring it had a lot to do with people and was still science-based.

    The course has so far exceeded all my expectations: it is fast-paced, clinic-focused and led by an incredible and dedicated staff base. We are trained on clinician-client interaction from Day 1 in order to help maximise the ongoing impact we can have on people’s lives as audiologists. Melbourne Uni gets us out into external clinics as soon as possible for us to get a real taste of the career that lies ahead of us.

    I’m excited to start the career that the team at the School of Audiology has laid out for me; it’s sure not to disappoint!

    Lauren Story, Class of 2016

    Since I was young, I had always wanted to help others and make a difference in their lives - and since studying Audiology, I have learnt that this is something that ties in perfectly together. Whilst the course can be incredibly challenging at times, seeing how much of an impact this career has on individuals during regular placements reminds you just how important your role as an audiologist is, and motivates you even more. One of the things that lacked the most during undergrad was the lack of support from lecturers and staff; however in audiology, having a small cohort means that you get to know the staff and as such, are able to build a relationship with them and get the support you need!

    Evelyn Do, Class of 2016

    Audiology is so much more than working with hearing aids. It is about communicating and interacting with people from all walks of life and ages. It is a great career that involves much understanding between both clinician and client. The course at the University of Melbourne has been challenging, but the supportive and helpful teaching staff have made it an enjoyable learning experience. They have made the effort to create the best learning environment for students and are continuously looking for ways to improve. I am really glad that I choose to study Audiology at the University of Melbourne and look forward to becoming a better clinician.

    Geraldine Claudius, Class of 2016

    I jumped into the Master of Clinical Audiology course the year after completing my undergraduate, knowing very little about it and the profession that it leads to. Since then, the knowledge that I had made the right choice is becoming clearer and clearer. It is a fast-paced and challenging course, but the quality of teaching, the high levels of clinical exposure and the tight-knit student community really encouraged me forward to success. Many opportunities have been provided for me as a student in this course, the education reaching beyond the classroom into the enrichment of other aspects of my life. The fact that I can one day be able to support and address health needs of the community, makes the course an extremely rewarding experience and a future prospect I would love to share with others.

    Jason Snelling, Class of 2016

    Johanna holds an Honours degree in Speech Sciences from the University of British Columbia where she also worked as a research assistant. Through this, she developed a keen interest in how we communicate with each other, leading her to complete a Masters in Clinical Audiology with the University of Melbourne. Currently (2016), she is pursuing a PhD in Mandarin lexical tone acquisition in cochlear implant users. Watch this video to hear why she has chosen Clinical Audiology as a postgraduate pathway and career!