Master of Speech Pathology

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    The experience


    Matthew Fong, Master of Speech Pathology, (2017)

    "I really enjoyed studying psychology and linguistics in undergrad, and the Masters of Speech Pathology course just seemed like a perfect fit that combined those interests.

    What I’ve really enjoyed about the course is learning about all the different communication and swallowing disorders that speech pathologists are involved in managing. Speech pathology is such a broad discipline, and my clinical placements have been great in giving me exposure to all the different areas of practice. I’ve also really enjoyed being involved in the Teddy Bear Hospital this year, representing speech pathology for the very first time since the program was created.

    I would say that the course overall has helped me develop a greater appreciation of the importance of communication in our everyday lives. If you’re passionate about languages and communication or just interested in a course that has a mix of arts and science, then the Master of Speech Pathology might be right for you!"

    Meghna Goveas, Master of Speech Pathology, (2017)

    Why did you decide to study the Master of Speech Pathology?

    "While working with children with special needs back home in Bahrain for the two years prior to commencing the Masters program, I became fascinated by the different aspects of the Speech Pathologists’ work as well as the progress that students made during the school year. I wanted to also acquire the skills and techniques necessary to be able to help every child express his/her needs and thus improve their communication skills."

    What do you like most about your course and what skills has it helped you develop?

    "What initially attracted me to the course was the fact that it was not mandatory to have any prior linguistic experience. Thereafter, the inclusion of workshops and practical activities to support the theoretical aspects of the course as well as the preparation for clinical placements have been aspects of the course that I have enjoyed. The smaller number of students in the course has helped create an environment that enabled me to interact with my peers and the lecturers as well. It has honed my abilities to work with a team and helped me manage my nervousness when put on the spot."

    What would you like to do after graduating from this course?

    "I would like to work with paediatric clients with speech and language difficulties and help children communicate as effectively as possible. I am also looking forward to the exposure and experiencing the wide range of aspects the field of speech pathology covers during the upcoming placements."

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