What will I study?


In the Master of TESOL, you’ll gain a rich understanding of the critical issues in TESOL research, methodology and assessment. You will learn to apply current TESOL methods to enhance classroom practice and learning with creativity and initiative. You'll also master management techniques to make sure your TESOL programs are culturally and linguistically appropriate.

Study Structure

The Master of TESOL course is comprised of both supported teacher placement and face-to face learning. Entry points to the course are in both semester 1 and 2, designed to suit most schedules. For flexibility around professional or family commitments, we also offer the Master of TESOL on a part-time or full-time basis.

Standard program:
  • This is the standard offering for those without a teaching qualification or experience
  • 200 points of coursework
  • Year 1: 4 x compulsory subjects and 4 x electives chosen from the Master of Education. Students must complete the 4 compulsory subjects first in semester 1, before their chosen electives. All 4 compulsory subjects and 4 electives must be completed before you enrol into any additional languages electives for Year 2.
  • Year 2 is comprised of either:
    • Capstone professional project option, 6 x additional languages electives and 1 x capstone professional project subject; or
    • Research pathway option, 4 x additional languages electives and 2 research pathway subjects.
150 point program:
  • Graduates of the Graduate Certificate in TESOL will be eligible to apply for entry to the Master of TESOL with 50 credit points of advanced standing for the 'EAL Teaching’ specialisation.
Fast-track program:
  • Up to 100 credit points of advanced standing will be given to applicants who have either: A four-year education degree, or equivalent; or an undergraduate degree in any discipline and at least 100 credit points, or equivalent, of graduate study in education.
  • Year 2: Either the Capstone professional project option or the Research pathway option, as detailed for the Standard program. Alternatively, see details of the VIT Accredited option with the English as an Additional Language Teaching specialisation further below.

Also available: Graduate Certificate in TESOL

How will I study?

The delivery mode of our course is face-to-face classes on the Parkville campus, plus supported teacher placement in primary, secondary or adult education environments. The classes on campus are held in the evenings and on the weekends. The English as an additional language teaching specialisation also requires 22 days of supervised placement at a school or similar setting during school hours.

Victorian Institute of Teaching accreditation

Successful completion of a major in English language is a requirement for TESOL teacher accreditation in Victoria. Students who are eligible for Victorian Institute of Teaching registration but seek additional recognition as an accredited EAL teacher, must complete the English as an Additional Language Teaching specialisation. This includes four specialist core subjects, 22 days of placement at a school or similar setting, and options for either a Capstone professional project with 2 electives, or 2 Research pathway subjects.

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Please note: slight changes to the compulsory subjects detailed below will be released in November 2020 for the 2021 start year.

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