Major overview


Accounting informs management decision-making and the allocation of resources through measuring and improving company performance.

Professional accountants operate in an increasingly complex and sophisticated field and are valued in today’s dynamic, technology-rich industries. Because they act as strategic advisers and business partners, they must understand business issues and processes and have the skills necessary for sound decision-making.

why study accounting?

Accounting is a pathway to a range of careers for aspiring leaders who want to play an important role in driving organisational success amidst a rapidly changing world. You will develop analytical reasoning and data skills to equip yourself with the ability to make sound and strategic business decisions.

  • Melbourne is known for the quality of its accounting program and strong graduate employability outcomes
  • This major offers a direct path to becoming a qualified accountant and receiving professional body accreditation
  • You’ll learn how to produce and interpret financial information and improve resource allocation
  • Develop critical understanding of financial accounting and its functions in modern economies
  • Learn how to combine tools of measurement and valuation with the art of communication