Electrical engineering is the central discipline involved in communications, including civil aviation and the deep space network, as well as in the medical field. Our electrical engineers are improving lives by developing systems and instrumentation for bionic vision, hearing technologies and life-support systems.

Electrical engineers design and build electronic devices on all scales – from nanoelectronics to nationwide power grids.

At Melbourne, our electrical engineers are developing energy-efficient telecommunication systems, smart workwear for people working in harsh conditions, and sensor networks that monitor the environment.

This major introduces you to the fundamental mathematics of signals, systems and information, and the physical science of electrical phenomena.

For professional accreditation as an electrical engineer, follow this major with the Master of Electrical Engineering.

Our Engineering graduate degrees are professionally accredited under EUR-ACE® and Washington Accord (through Engineers Australia), which means your degree is recognised throughout Europe and the 17 countries of the Washington Accord.