About Language and linguistics

Understanding how Language, any language, works is essential not only in order to learn a language, but also in order to understand how languages are born, how they change and grow, and how and why some are abandoned and die.

From writing dictionaries and describing the inner mechanisms or grammar of different languages, to getting the big picture of language use in specific societies (including Australian Indigenous peoples) and making sense of language regulation and policy-making, the fields of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics can help you understand what human language is and how it works.

Knowledge of European languages and cultures opens up innumerable career opportunities in all areas.

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Why study Language and Linguistics at the University of Melbourne

A degree that opens doors

A degree that opens doors

Discover new passions and develop the skills organisations seek out in graduates.

Become part of a community

Become part of a community

Join our community of students investigating, interpreting, preserving and advancing knowledge in the humanities and social sciences.

Gain practical skills

Gain practical skills

Participate in our wide range of industry opportunities, developing practical skills for a meaningful career.

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