Doctor of Physiotherapy

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    The experience


    The University of Melbourne Physiotherapy Department is privileged to have access to some of the best clinical teaching schools within the state.

    Clinical experience

    Clinical Education is a cornerstone of physiotherapy education. As such, it requires students to integrate their theoretical knowledge with clinical experience in a variety of settings. Clinical education is centred around the patient. Learning and practice in the clinical environment should be collaborative and acknowledge the roles and responsibilities of the Health Care team.

    Learning in the clinical environment requires active participation from students. Students must take responsibility for their own learning and are expected to have the appropriate level of theoretical knowledge required for each placement.

    Students are allocated to clinical teaching schools at the beginning of Year 1. It is anticipated that the students will remain at these hospitals, for their core work, during the three years of the program.

    Students progress from a highly supervised generic skills clinic through to independent practice in the final year. There is progressive enhancement of fundamental skills integral to relationships:

    • Respect for others,
    • Nurturing trust,
    • Negotiating working agreements,
    • Appreciating the need for boundaries and
    • Being able to communicate

    Common goals in physiotherapy clinical education include the development of competence in the clinical reasoning process, underpinned by a continually expanding knowledge base, mastery of the manual, technical, and interpersonal skills required for safe and effective assessment and treatment by physiotherapists, and development of the self directed learning skills necessary for lifelong learning.

    Clinical partnerships

    The Department of Physiotherapy prides itself on the strength of its clinical program which is taught by several of Melbourne’s most prestigious teaching and research hospitals. The clinical Departments cover central and rural Victoria. Students are expected to undertake rural placements. A number of other leading facilities (public and private) are associated with The Department of Physiotherapy.

    General Clinical Departments affiliated with the DPT program:

    Other major Clinical Departments affiliated with our clinical programs include:

    Student experience

    Conrad Crockett, Doctor of Physiotherapy (2017)

    "The Doctor of Physiotherapy program was the best fit for my learning style - evidence-based, clinical schools and addition of broader health promotion and management courses in the extended Masters degree. I’ve enjoyed learning how to apply current evidence and physiotherapy treatments to clinical practice under the guidance of some amazing supervisors! I’m looking forward to taking my new-found skills out into the world - particularly when I go on global placement overseas!"

    Christian Boivin, Doctor of Physiotherapy (2017)

    What skills has the Doctor of Physiotherapy helped you to develop?

    "The top level researchers and dedicated instructors bring the most relevant information within the context of years of clinical experience to deliver it to us through a fast-paced and hands on program. This course has helped me develop study and learning skills that undergraduate studies could never compare to. Between the sheer amount of information and the clinical skills that we are required to learn in a short amount of time it has caused me to develop a structured routine and excellent time management skills to stay on top of my game. "

    What have been the highlights of your time at the University of Melbourne?

    "I have moved across the world for school, but the support and caring nature of our professors, how well the group of international students come together to support each other stand out. You truly never are alone, especially when you first get here."