Master of Adolescent Health and Wellbeing

Course overview

  • 2 years full time / 4 years part time
  • On Campus (Parkville)
  • Available to domestic students
  • Start Year Intake - February


Adolescent health and wellbeing reflects a complex set of interactions between biology and social context, both of which have dramatically changed in recent years. Over this period, the health and wellbeing of 10-24 year old adolescents and young adults has not improved to nearly the same extent as younger children and older adults. Hence the importance of new scientific understandings, public health interventions and service responses that offer more sophisticated opportunities to advance adolescent health than ever before. Delivered online, the Graduate Diploma in Adolescent Health and Wellbeing will provide you with the latest knowledge of adolescent health and development, prevention frameworks and skills to work more effectively with individuals and populations in schools and communities, and within health services.

Online learning

The Masters program builds on the Graduate Diploma in Adolescent Health and Wellbeing, with a further year of full time study or 2 years of part time study that supports a minor thesis. The graduate diploma is fully available online. Choice of Master subjects is available, some of which are not available online.

Learn from the best

For the minor thesis, supervision is identified from the most appropriate academics across the University of Melbourne.

Prospective students can access a copy of the program flyer and may contact Adolescent Health and Wellbeing Academic Course Coordinator, Dr Ani Wierenga at