Master of Advanced Nursing Practice

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    Applications are currently being accepted.

    • Applications will close 31 January for the 2022 Start Year intake.
    • Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

    Before you begin your application, make sure you have the following ready:

    • The year you graduated from your highest level of education
    • The year you started and finished your most recent qualification
    • For Melbourne alumni, your former student ID
    • A copy of your transcript. You can upload a copy or share it via My eQuals or CHESICC.

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    Master of Advanced Nursing Practice

    Masters (coursework)


    Good to know:

    • Only select one version of the course. For example: 2022 - full time - summer intake - Graduate Australian Fee Place
    • Once you’ve entered and reviewed your details you’ll be sent an automated email to confirm you’ve successfully registered – this is when you’ll begin your official application.
    • Select ‘Yes’ if you would like to apply for advanced standing (credit or recognition of prior learning). Find out more about advanced standing.
    • Make sure you save your application throughout


    Extra requirements

    Studied at another university

    • A copy of your transcript. You can upload a copy or submit it via My eQuals or CHESICC.
    • If uploading a copy of your transcript you need to know:

    • If your transcript includes a record of the grading scheme
    • If your transcript includes a statement of completion

    Born outside Australia

    • what year you entered Australia.

    Permanent resident (but not an Australian citizen)

    • The date your residency was granted
    • If you’ll be residing in Australia during the course
    • What year you entered Australia.

    Holder of a permanent humanitarian visa, or intend to apply for a permanent humanitarian visa

    • The date your visa was granted
    • If you’ll be residing in Australia during the course
    • What year you entered Australia.

    You live with a parent or guardian

    • Their highest level of educational attainment

    Rural or regional background: you have lived in a rural area for 5 years (consecutive) or 10 years (cumulatively).

    • Whether you live or lived in a rural or isolated area as defined by the Australian Standard Geographic Classification of: RA2, RA3, RA4 or RA5. If you are based in Victoria this essentially means anywhere outside of Melbourne or Geelong.

    You can check the classification of your address on the Department of Health and Ageing website.

    Graduate Access Melbourne

    Excellence and equity are inseparable at Melbourne and bringing the best students to the University means minimising financial barriers and broadening access.

    Graduate Access Melbourne (GAM) provides access to applicants whose personal circumstances have had a sustained adverse effect on their academic achievement at undergraduate level or who are members of a specified group known to be under-represented in higher education. You may be eligible for GAM if you fit at least one of these equity categories.

    • Applicants from a rural or isolated area
    • Recognition as an Indigenous Australian
    • Previous status as a refugee or current holder of a Humanitarian Visa
    • Disadvantaged socio-economic circumstances
    • Disability or medical condition
    • Personal difficulties

    Find out more about Graduate Access Melbourne here.

    Before you apply

    1. Check the degree website.
    2. Original or certified copy of your Bachelor of Nursing transcript or equivalent training documents (including separate confirmation of qualification completion if your transcript does not state you have completed your course)
    3. Certified copy of your current Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia registration
    4. Comprehensive CV/resume
    5. Evidence that you meet the University's English language requirements (if English is not your first language)
    6. Credit Application Form and supporting documentation (if applicable)
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