The Master of Digital Marketing consists of 12 semester-length subjects comprising:

  • 3 core subjects (to be completed at the start of the program)
  • 4 discipline core subjects (to be completed after/alongside the core subjects)
  • 2 capstone subjects (to be completed towards the end of the program or according to individual subject requisites)
  • 3 elective subjects (to be taken throughout the year)

Concurrent graduate certificate: Domestic students may wish to consider adding a Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Business or the Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain and Operations Management to complete concurrently with this program.

Stephan Ludwig
Associate Professor Stephan Ludwig, Program Director, Master of Digital Marketing

Associate Professor Stephan Ludwig

"The market is just exploding around topics in the digital marketing space, whether it’s the analytics or the content side. Digital marketing people are now the eyes and ears of their organisation. They essentially provide these valuable psychological, attitudinal and behavioural insights into what consumers are doing and how they're changing their behaviour. In this program, we integrate these elements into our teaching- and internship based subjects. There are the general strategic frameworks you need to be a good digital marketer. Then we introduce psychological and communicative aspects that go into developing customer relationships. Finally, we teach the analytical method skills and metrics to uncover these insights from digital data."

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