Master of Entrepreneurship

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    The experience


    The program is delivered in the incredible settings of the Wade Institute building. Located in the beautiful gardens at Ormond College, it is a cutting-edge learning space that will be your base for an extraordinary year of discovery.

    Learn from the best

    Colin McLeod, Program Director
    Professor Colin McLeod, Program Director

    Colin McLeod

    Professor Colin McLeod is the program director for the Master of Entrepreneurship. He has a long-term interest in innovation and entrepreneurship, both as an academic and as a founder, investor and board member of several successful start-ups including his current involvement with 5 early-stage companies.

    "A degree in entrepreneurship needs three things: Relevant content, highly qualified teaching staff with experience as entrepreneurs, and the support of an external network of leading mentors, investors, incubators and entrepreneurs. We are genuinely excited to offer all three to our students – they just need to add their entrepreneurial passion."

    World-Renowned Visiting Professors

    Students have access to special classes taught by visiting professors from universities such as Stanford University and Cambridge University - internationally recognised powerhouses in the world of entrepreneurship. Recent visits have included the following experts:

    George Foster is the Konosuke Matsushita Professor of Management at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University. Professor Foster has been at Stanford for over 30 years and is regarded globally as an expert on the growth of early stage companies, valuations and venture capital. He also works extensively with the World Economic Forum and is a member and former Chair of their Global Agenda Council on Fostering Entrepreneurship.

    Paul Tracey is Professor of Innovation and Academic Director of the Centre for Social Innovation at the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge. Professor Tracey is a leading expert on social entrepreneurship as well as the role of clusters and networks in effective entrepreneurship

    Hear from the Cohort

    Wade Inc.

    Wade Inc. is a bridge for Master of Entrepreneurship alumni to continue building the startups they created at the Wade Institute. It is an opportunity for early stage founders to work, collaborate, prevent common mistakes (including getting side tracked) and to connect to people and resources until they can reach the next stage.

    • Dedicated workspace and coaching to get startups to the next stage
    • Accelerates the maturation and success of early stage startups
    • Only for Master of Entrepreneurship Alumni
    Andrew Rowse

    Andrew Rowse

    Master of Entrepreneurship

    "I thought about my experience and decided that if I can work hard for others and earn them money, why can’t I do the same and work hard for myself? By studying the Masters of Entrepreneurship we’re learning the lessons that people wish they had known before they started. 9 out of 10 start-ups fail so I think that if you can prevent yourself from being in that percentage, you’d be silly not to try."

    Sarah Last

    Sarah Last

    Neville & Di Bertalli Scholarship Recipient

    "I had a couple of attempts at trying something before, but I consistently came across roadblocks, and it eventually made me realise I needed more training in building an idea."

    Rosh Ghadamian

    Rosh Ghadamian

    Corrs Chambers Westgarth Scholarship Recipient

    "During the Masters, I had conversations with experienced entrepreneurs and rediscovered my drive to give it another go [after my first business failed]. This time I had the right mix of skill sets, strong networks and knowledge that I’ve built here at Wade."


    The Wade Institute hosts a number of exciting events and forums to give you a taste of what you can expect from WADE. For a list of upcoming events, visit


    Entrepreneurs and Industry Professionals are always invited to present special seminars. In 2017, the speakers include:

    To see the full list, visit the Speakers webpage