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Colin McLeod, Program Director
Professor Colin McLeod, Executive Director MEC

Colin McLeod

"A degree in entrepreneurship needs three things: Relevant content, highly qualified teaching staff with experience as entrepreneurs, and the support of an external network of leading mentors, investors, incubators and entrepreneurs. We are genuinely excited to offer all three to our students – they just need to add their entrepreneurial passion."

Professor Colin McLeod is the Executive Director of the Melbourne Entrepreneurial Centre (MEC). MEC promotes the formal entrepreneurship education offerings of the University including our flagship Master of Entrepreneurship program.

Meet our faculty

The Wade Institute

Entrepreneur, Peter Wade, started the Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship based at the Ormond College, with a gift in 2015.

The Wade Institute is a thriving entrepreneurial precinct that brings together smart, curious, and ambitious minds. The Institute is a purpose-built centre designed to encourage collaboration between students, startups, industry and visitors from all around the world.

In addition to being the home of the Master of Entrepreneurship, the Wade Institute also delivers programs like VC Catalyst, events and custom masterclasses.

Want to test out your entrepreneurial acumen? Sign up for the Wade Institute's Startup Sprint Bootcamp, a fun weekend of getting to know the fundamentals of building a startup.

As a student at the Wade Institute, you’ll have access to:

  • a 24/7 co-working space
  • 7 free meals per week (through Ormond College)
  • Wade Inc an incubator program for selected graduates

Speaker Series

Entrepreneurs and industry professionals are regularly invited to present special seminars at the Wade Institute. Speakers have included:

  • Cyan Taeed, Co-founder – Envato
  • Tom Griffith, Co-founder – Emma & Toms
  • Georgia Beattie, Entrepreneur & CEO – Startup Victoria
  • Amanda Walker, Co-founder – Lord of the Fries
  • Nick Crocker, Partner – Blackbird Ventures
  • Kate Cornick, CEO LaunchVIC
  • George Foster, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Stanford

Melbourne’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

The Wade Institute is part of the University of Melbourne’s wider entrepreneurship collective which includes, the Melbourne Accelerator Program, and Translating Research at Melbourne, an academic research impact accelerator and Melbourne Connect innovation hub.

As a Master of Entrepreneurship student you’ll be making connections with this wider entrepreneurship community offering you support, guidance and opportunities for collaboration.

Sarah Last

Sarah Last

CTO and Co-Founder MimicTec
Neville & Di Bertalli Scholarship Recipient

"I had a couple of attempts at trying something before, but I consistently came across roadblocks, and it eventually made me realise I needed more training in building an idea."

Laura Youngson

Laura Youngson

Co-Founder: Ida Sports | Equal Playing Field | Brunswick Aces

"Everyone came into the course at a different part of their journey. I’d worked for ten years and done a lot of people management and leadership, but I probably wasn’t as strong on financial models. That’s one of the things I got out of the course, building a financial model for a start-up, which needs its own set of tools."

Listen to Laura talk about her entrepreneurial journey on the Gamechangers podcast


The Wade Institute hosts a number of exciting events and forums to give you a taste of what you can expect from the Master of Entrepreneurship.