Master of Entrepreneurship

  • CRICOS code: 107114A

Where will this take me?


Since the Master of Entrepreneurship launched in 2016, graduates have gone on to found their own startups, join innovation labs or work in the entrepreneurship eco-system:

Anthony Secoulidis

Andrew Rowse
Completed 2017

Program Manager at TRaM Accelerator

Anthony Secoulidis

Daarshinie Nadarajan
Completed 2018

Strategy Advisory, EY

Anthony Secoulidis

Madeleine Grummet
Completed 2016

Co-Founder and CEO, Girledworld education technology startup

Anthony Secoulidis

Lisa Stephenson
Completed 2018

Founder, Codello a shiftswapping platform for hospitals

Anthony Secoulidis

Sarah Agboola
Completed 2016

MTime social enterprise

Anthony Secoulidis

Warren Rudd
Completed 2018

Co-Founder, Curvecrete building technology

Your skill set

  • On successful completion of this degree graduates will be:
  • Adept at analysis and evaluation of social and business problems to enable evidence-based enterprise decision making
  • Proficient in professional knowledge and skills in entrepreneurial practices
  • Skilled at identifying and implementing entrepreneurial business opportunities in a simulated real-life environment
  • Competent at analysing and evaluating information to enable evidenced-based entrepreneurial practice
  • Ethical problem solvers in enterprise creation through the application of appropriate concepts, principles and data
  • Strategic and critical thinkers in relation to enterprise growth and pathways to market
  • Effective communicators of entrepreneurship concepts to peers and the wider community
  • Able to conduct basic market research and to retrieve information from a variety of sources
  • Able to collaborate to initiate and implement entrepreneurial ventures.