Master of Industrial Research (Chemistry)

  • CRICOS code: 098316C

Course overview

  • 2 years full time / 4 years part time
  • On Campus (Parkville)
  • Available to domestic and international students


In a world where market-leading chemical companies have R&D budgets in the billions, there are excellent opportunities to put your chemistry skills to work in industry.

But where do you start? How about a graduate course where you spend most of your time working in industry – and getting paid to do it?

If you’re keen to work in industry-based research – perhaps engineering new-generation materials, perhaps bringing new pharmaceuticals to market – then get your career off to the best possible start with the Master of Industrial Research (Chemistry).

The core of this unique degree is a major industry-based research project, but you’ll also extend your chemistry skills, and cover commercially relevant topics including entrepreneurship, IP law and chemical regulations frameworks.

Working on real-world problems in industry

You’ll leave the course with a major research project to feature in your CV, and an enviable professional network.

In this supervised project, you'll develop your technical skills and your ability to evaluate and analyse data, while working within a chemical, materials, pharmaceutical or biotech company. Even better, you’ll receive a stipend in recognition of your work.

More than just technical know-how

You probably know that employers today are looking for more than just specialist technical skills. To round out your skill set, select from a range of high-level professional subjects, including business, scientific communication, modelling, programming and more.

Created in consultation with industry

We work with our industry networks and Chemistry Australia to build a course that will give you work-related skills for now and into the future, as we adapt our teaching to this constantly evolving discipline.