Master of Industrial Research (Chemistry)

  • CRICOS code: 098316C

What will I study?


Course structure

The Master of Industrial Research (Chemistry) is a 200-point course, made up of:

  • An industry-based research project (150 points)
  • Coursework core and elective subjects (50 points).

The research project will be conducted within industry laboratories, supervised by staff from the Faculty of Science and from the industry partner. You’ll produce a project proposal and a final research report/thesis, and deliver a seminar on your findings.

You’ll select your elective subjects from a wide range on offer, ranging from chemistry, business, statistics, modelling, ethics and scientific communication.

Example of previous industry projects include:

Year: 2020
Industry partner: Dulux Innovation Centre (Clayton)
Academic supervisor: Dr Georgina Such from the School of Chemistry

The project involved the synthesis and characterisation of novel paint additives. The goal was to reduce release of volatile organic compounds during drying to improve consumer desirability, and included the testing and evaluation of the experimental products in prototype coatings using industry standard methods.

Year: 2020
Industry partner: Qenos Technical Centre (Altona)
Academic supervisor: Professor Uta Wille from the School of Chemistry

The project involved understanding the behaviour of polymer stabilisers in real world applications. Analytical methodology was developed to measure the active and inactive forms of stabilisers in high-density polyethylene composites and products, post compounding and after they have been in service. Changes in molecular structure due to the chemistry of inactivation were investigated and used to inform the design of better stabilisers, leading to longer lasting products.

More research projects to come