Animal Science and Management


    What makes a free-range chicken freerange? And is it really the most ethical option? What is the best breeding practice for livestock? And can we finally confirm which are better, cats or dogs?

    You might never answer that last question, but in this major you will learn all about animal management and biology, from genetics and reproduction through to behaviour and welfare. You’ll understand how we use animals for food, fibre, recreation and companionship.

    The Animal Science and Management major brings together studies in animal nutrition, growth and development, behaviour and welfare, genetics and breeding, health, livestock science and reproduction, and biotechnology.

    You will learn about the complex ethical and moral issues facing society concerning animal ownership, and will have the opportunity to focus on the systems management of a chosen species or classification of animals.

    You can choose to specialise in Animal Behaviour and Welfare, Livestock Production or Animal Science.

    Breadth subjects can expand your knowledge of economic, business, communications or natural resource management relevant to the core studies in Animal Science and Management.

    Studies in the area of production animal science can also be taken through the Bachelor of Agriculture.