Want to design a medical device or solve a clinical problem that helps patients in need? Follow your passion for health, technology and biology with the Bioengineering Systems major.

You’ll study elements of engineering, science and medicine, and learn to use all three to develop new and improved medical treatments, processes and instruments.

Learn from University of Melbourne bioengineers who are working on ground-breaking innovations like the bionic eye, joint replacement prostheses, implants that help control epilepsy and improved ways of delivering life-saving drugs to the body.

For professional accreditation as a biomedical engineer, follow this major with a Master of Biomedical Engineering.

Our Engineering graduate degrees are professionally accredited under EUR-ACE® and Washington Accord (through Engineers Australia), which means your Master of Engineering degree is recognised throughout Europe and the 17 countries of the Washington Accord.

You can study this major in the Bachelor of Biomedicine or Bachelor of Science.