We all want to understand people better, ourselves included. And mental health and well-being matter now more than ever. Psychology explores the complexities of mind and behaviour, and how they relate to the brain, society and culture.

Learn about every stage of human behaviour, from behavioural neuroscience to cognitive processes, and the practical aspects of developmental, social and clinical psychology.

With further study in one of our accredited masters degrees you can gain registration as a professional psychologist.

Accredited undergraduate sequence

Over the course of the undergraduate sequence, you will develop a deep understanding of psychology that will set you up for future research or clinical postgraduate studies. You will learn research skills from your first year that will build in later years to give you the best foundation and depth of expertise needed to interpret and understand behaviour.

In second year you will study the core units of psychology covering biological, cognitive, developmental and social psychology. Third year contains a capstone unit consolidating your knowledge of psychology and electives that expose you to the intricacies of the field.

The psychology sequence is designed to build constantly on your knowledge through research-led teaching and by emphasising the impact of research in practice.

You can study this major through the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Biomedicine, or the Bachelor of Science.

Already completed a Bachelor program? You may be interested in the Graduate Diploma in Psychology which provides an accredited undergraduate sequence recognised by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council.