Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Art)

    • CRICOS Code: 093589G
    • VTAC Code: 3800638991
    • International VTAC Code: 3800638993

    What will I study?


    From the beginning, your studio projects are expected to demonstrate investigation and experimentation with a range of concepts, materials, techniques and processes.

    First year

    From your first day in the program, VCA provides you with studio and workshop facilities where you can explore both traditional and new media under the guidance of our lecturers. Aside from studio practice, you also undertake critical studies subjects that introduce you to the diversity of contemporary arts practices.

    Second and third year

    In second and third year, students are involved in sustained exploration and experimentation with ideas, procedures and methodologies of practice, culminating in a resolved body of artwork for the Graduate Exhibition.

    What do I study?

    Studio Studies

    Develops your approach to self-directed studio practice by allowing you to explore and experiment with materials, processes and methodologies, culminating in a resolved body of artwork for the Graduate Exhibition. Integrated professional practice studies will provide you with the practical skills and knowledge to develop a sustained practice as a professional artist.

    Critical and Theoretical Studies

    Develops your ability to critically interpret, investigate and discuss the visual arts, both past and present. You will explore topics of contemporary artistic theory, aesthetics, criticism and art history.

    Related Studies

    An intensive experimental program designed to embed and induct you into your studio discipline. It will foster artistic and conceptual strengths, informing and underpinning individual research in the first year studio program.

    Open Art

    Facilitates new and unfamiliar modes of practice by providing an opportunity to select two different studio areas outside of your current studio discipline. By experimenting with different concepts, you will have the opportunity to explore a variety of traditional and new media technologies and undertake projects that will complement and underpin your individual studio-based research in the first year of study.

    Studio Options

    Provides access to a range of studio options offered by the four undergraduate VCA Art streams. It accommodates the enhancement of an aspect of your artistic practice including the development of specialised skills and techniques, methods and processes, new technologies, material practices, and concepts and ideas.

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    300 point program

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