Graduate Diploma in Music (Composition)

  • CRICOS code: 056297D
Applications closed


2024 Start Year Intake

Applications open early August 2023

Applications close 31 October 2023

How do I apply?

There are two components to each application. Applicants must complete components 1 and 2 by the application closing date.

If you are an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person, you may like to contact our Faculty’s Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts and Cultural Development before proceeding. They can assist you with your application and provide you with additional information about your study options.


    Submit a direct application via the University's application portal


    All applicants will be required to submit a supplementary application form, including a composition folio and the provision of two referees.


    Composition applicants are required to submit a 20-minute folio of compositions and are not required to attend an interview. The folio should include:

    • Original works only (no arrangements or style-imitation).
    • At least one work must be a notated score.
    • At least one work must be written in the last two years.
    • A 1-minute test piece, scored and notated as specified on the supplementary application form.
    • Recordings of folio works.

    MIDI recordings are acceptable, however, it is advisable to submit at least one example of a live or studio performance. Folio materials should be submitted in PDF and mp3 formats.

    It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all material provided is playable and/or viewable before submission.

    Personal Artistic Statement

    This should be submitted in video format (approx. 90 second duration) addressing the following questions:

    • Who are your musical heroes?
    • What artistic ideals do you hold most passionately?
    • How might the Graduate Diploma of Music degree at MCM impact your artistic journey?
    • How do you envisage your artistic practice after graduation?

    Applicants must provide two referees. The referee details must be submitted in the supplementary application form. Referees will be sent a referee report to complete. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure references are completed no later than 1 week after applications close.

    How will I be assessed?

    Applicants will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

    • artistic conception
    • musical creativity
    • technique and craft
    • sonic effectiveness
    • potential for development of an original voice

    Please note that all applicants will be ranked based on the above criteria, up to the capacity of places within the course.


    Graduate Access Melbourne is the University of Melbourne's special entry and access scheme for domestic students.

    It can help you gain a place in a degree even if your WAM (weighted average mark) is below the selection rank normally needed for an offer, however you still need to meet course prerequisites. You may be also eligible for guaranteed entry and there are Access Scholarships available also.

    You can apply using one or more of these categories:

    • Disadvantaged financial background
    • From a rural or isolated area
    • Under-represented school
    • Difficult circumstances
    • Disability or medical condition
    • Non-English speaking background
    • Recognition as an Indigenous Australian
    • Mature-age consideration (Non-School leaver entry pathway)

    Wondering if you are eligible for any of these categories? Each category has its own criteria, so before applying, check to see if you are eligible via the Graduate Access Melbourne page, as well as instructions on how to apply.

Before you apply

  1. Check the degree website
  2. Check the entry requirements and make sure you're eligible
  3. Ensure you meet the University’s English language requirements
  4. If you are an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person, you may like to contact our Faculty’s Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts and Cultural Development before proceeding
  5. Complete a direct application via the University's portal (use code GD-MUS)
  6. Complete a supplementary application
Applications closed