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The Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences offers an exciting and rigorous APAC accredited Fourth Year program through providing an equal combination of advanced coursework subjects and research with leading experts in their field:

  • Acquire the knowledge, skills, and scholarship necessary for achieving excellence in psychology
  • Following intensive teaching by leading researchers in the field, critically analyse your existing knowledge about a research topic before conducting research
  • Excellent opportunity to submit work for journal publication providing a head start on a potentially highly productive career in research


The fourth year program is also designed to provide students with the opportunities to learn the intellectual background, ethical principles, and content areas of psychology as a scientific discipline, and to acquire the general skills for:

  • Critically analysing the existing knowledge about a research topic prior to one's own research (e.g. conceptual analysis of relevant content area/literature/intervention program etc., critical appraisal of one's own and others' research, generation of productive research questions);
  • Constructing a research plan (eg. research design, methods of observation) to address one's research question;
  • Executing one's research plan adequately to obtain data;
  • Analysing the data to address the research question appropriately; and
  • Discussing the implications of the results coherently within the context of the existing knowledge relevant to the research topic.

The fourth year program comprises of four courses. The course structure is the same across all four Psychology fourth year programs.

Graduates with a three-year undergraduate psychology APAC accredited sequence may be eligible to study one of the following fourth year courses:

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What Next After UG Psychology 2022 Webinar

Hear from the academic convenors and current students to gain insight into what each course below entails:

  • Psychology Honours in Arts, Science or Biomedicine
  • Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced)
  • Psychology projects in the Master of Biomedical Science
  • Master of Applied Psychology
  • Master of Professional Psychology.

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