How to apply

For domestic students

Key dates

  • 2023 Mid year intake: Timely applications close
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Application closing dates

Start-year intake
2023 Timely applications: 30 November 2022

Mid-year Intake
2023 Timely applications: 31 May 2023

Note: Commonwealth Support Places (CSPs) will be allocated in timely application rounds, you will need to have submitted your full application prior to the timely application deadline to ensure you have the best chance to obtain a CSP.

In addition, there are a limited number of CSPs for this course. As such, all eligible candidates are assessed for a CSP in January based on academic ranking. Successful applicants eligible for a CSP will receive a new offer letter by the end of January.

Please note that we do not guarantee outcomes in time to commence the next available intake if you apply outside the timely application period.

Processing time

You can expect a decision 6–8 weeks after you submit your application (including all relevant documents).


You can apply for more than one Faculty of Science program, by indicating your preferences in your online application. Please note that if you are applying for multiple programs, your lower preferences will only be assessed if your first preference is not successful.

Before you apply

  1. Carefully read all the information about the course on this website
  2. Check that you meet the entry requirements
  3. Check your eligibility for the Graduate Access Melbourne program
  4. Apply via the Online Application System
  5. Include all required supporting documents
  6. Agree to the Terms and Conditions
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