Where will this take me?


You can look forward to a rewarding career in a variety of organisations and industries such as business process improvement and quality assurancemanagement consultingoperations and supply chain managementorganisational development and change project management and roles in government and not-for-profit organisations.

Career outcomes

Your first job could see you as a:

  • Business partner
  • Consultant coordinator

In 5-10 years, you’ll progress to roles such as:

  • Adviser
  • Business development manager
  • Operations manager

And in 15-20 years you could be a successful:

  • Managing director
  • Managing partner
  • Principal

Graduate pathways from this major

The skills and competencies you will develop by completing the Management major will put you in a good position to undertake further study in a range of business and economics programs or even in new disciplines, such as government, humanities, law or teaching.


The Management major leads to a range of professional specialisation pathways, in or outside of your discipline, that will prepare you for a wide range of professions.

Some of our business and economics focused graduate study options include:


Doctoral programs

If you’re interested in a pathway to academia or becoming an industry expert in management, you can undertake further study at Melbourne Business School.

They offer a Doctoral Program in Management which involves a 2-year Master of Commerce coursework + 3-year PhD research.


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