Where will this take me?


You can look forward to a rewarding career in a variety of organisations and industries such as business process improvement and quality assurancemanagement consultingoperations and supply chain managementorganisational development and change project management and roles in government and not-for-profit organisations.

Career outcomes

Your first job could see you as a:

  • Business partner
  • Consultant coordinator

In 5-10 years, you’ll progress to roles such as:

  • Adviser
  • Business development manager
  • Operations manager

And in 15-20 years you could be a successful:

  • Managing director
  • Managing partner
  • Principal

Graduate pathways from this major

The skills and competencies you will develop by completing the Management major will put you in a good position to undertake further study in a range of business and economics programs or even in new disciplines, such as government, humanities, law or teaching.


The Management major leads to a range of professional specialisation pathways, in or outside of your discipline, that will prepare you for a wide range of professions.

Some of our business and economics focused graduate study options include:


Doctoral programs

If you’re interested in a pathway to academia or becoming an industry expert in management, you can undertake further study at Melbourne Business School.

They offer a Doctoral Program in Management which involves a 2-year Master of Commerce coursework + 3-year PhD research.


Nicole, Simone and Hannah

Bachelor of Commerce students Nichole, Simone and Hannah had the opportunity to carry out project work during the Management Consulting subject.

Our team members all studied Management as a major, but had different secondary majors including Economics, Marketing and Finance. This was advantageous in creating a diversity of thought that allowed us to inject creativity, analytical skills and critical problem-solving into our project.

Our client was an organisation called MindTribes. They are a consulting firm that works with corporate entities to develop intercultural business capabilities, by focusing on cross-cultural training and addressing operational performance. In 2017, MindTribes launched a social enterprise, Culturally Diverse Women (CDW) which aims to address the under-representation of culturally diverse women in senior leadership roles in corporate Australia. The Diversity Council of Australia (DCA) found that of 7,491 directors of ASX listed companies, only 2.5%, were culturally diverse women.

The consulting project involved identifying the key factors that contributed to the advancement of successful ‘Culturally and Linguistically Diverse’ (CALD) women in Australia. This project was unique in allowing us to conduct qualitative interviews with over 20 successful senior leaders in Australia. Through these interviews, we developed practical takeaways for aspiring CALD leaders in the workforce.

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