International applications

Undergraduate study

When you apply for undergraduate study at Melbourne, choose your preferred course(s), confirm that you meet entry requirements, then apply directly to us, or via the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC). After applying, check if you're eligible for any of our scholarships and bursaries.

To help you do this, follow our step-by-step guide below on how to apply for undergraduate degrees.

Bachelor degrees

Your undergraduate (bachelors) degree is typically your first university degree. At Melbourne, you can choose from more than 100 major fields of study giving you broad exposure to different ideas, approaches and ways of thinking across many disciplines. You can focus on particular area from day one of your degree, or keep your options open and discover new possibilities along the way. We offer undergraduate degrees in: agriculture, arts, biomedicine, commerce, design, fine arts, music, oral health and science.

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If you're an international student currently studying an Australian Year 12 or the International Baccalaureate (IB) in Australia, the score that you achieve may also qualify for a Graduate Degree Package, which provides you with guaranteed entry to select graduate degrees upon completion of your undergraduate study.

Your next step — graduate study

Your undergraduate degree sets you up for specialising in your chosen field at graduate level. You'll work towards your professional qualification, in areas such as engineering, IT, architecture, teaching, medicine, law and psychology, as a graduate student. Your graduate degree will be internationally recognised, and set you apart from those who study a traditional Australian single or double degree.

Additional undergraduate study

  • Concurrent diplomas – allow you to study an extra, diploma-level qualification alongside your bachelors degree. This can enhance your employability and enable you to develop detailed knowledge in an area outside your main area of study. Concurrent diplomas are available in: music, languages , computing and mathematical sciences. You apply for a concurrent diploma once you have enrolled in your bachelors degree.
  • Honours – this extra year of study on top of your three-year bachelors degree is designed to qualify you for graduate research degrees (PhD or Research Masters). Most undergraduate degrees offer an honours option. It gives you advanced research, analytical and communication skills, plus greater experience working on independent projects. It can also reduce the length of time by up to a year for some Masters degrees offered at Melbourne. You apply for honours in the final year of your undergraduate study via our current student portal.


You need to meet the minimum eligibility requirements to apply for your undergraduate degree. This includes subject prerequisites, English language requirements and meeting Australian student visa conditions.

Also, ensure that you know which course you want to study. If you want to study for less than an academic year, you'll need to apply as an exchange or study abroad student through a separate application.

Under 18 international students

If you're under 18 years of age, you'll need to have appropriate accommodation, support and general welfare arrangements in place before you can accept your offer.

Requirements for under 18 international students


As an international student, you'll enrol at the University as a full-fee paying student.

Undergraduate tuition fees are based on the subjects you’re enrolled in, not the course that you've chosen. The cost of individual subjects within a course may vary. You can find fee estimates on every course page.

You'll also need to factor in other expenses, such as costs for course materials, excursions, social events, travel and accommodation.

To view indicative course fees for 2020 and ways to pay, see Fees and payments.

Based on your qualifications, there are different ways to apply for an undergraduate course as an international student.

If you're applying for the July intake (mid-year) this is a separate application. See mid-year applications.

Apply through Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) - if you're completing:

  • an Australian Year 12 qualification (worldwide)
  • an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in Australia or New Zealand
  • a University of Melbourne undergraduate degree (and are seeking an internal transfer).

For further information and to apply see VTAC - How to apply

All other international students apply directly to the University of Melbourne

Apply online by the undergraduate application due dates.

All new international applicants are required to pay an application fee of AUD$100. This fee will cover all applications made within 2 years of payment. You can then choose your course preferences. You'll also need to provide a copy of your academic results as part of your application. If any documents are written in a language other than English, you must include an official translation.

If you don’t have verified digital copies of academic records for prior or current studies and wish to obtain these during the application process, you can select Digitary VIA when requested while submitting your application. These verified digital copies will include English translated documents and can be obtained for both interim qualifications and completed qualifications.

Obtaining verified digital copies of academic records can help fast-track your application and your copies can be retained for use with other applications you wish to make in future. The Digitary VIA option includes a one-off charge.

For more information about supporting documentation, see your online application.

Appoint an overseas representative

If you need help applying, you can find an overseas representative to help you lodge an application, accept your offer and apply for a student visa (if admitted into the University). To find out about their costs and services, see Find an overseas representative.

Don't have your results yet?

You can still apply if you haven't yet received your final results. You'll need to submit these results when you receive them to be eligible to be  offered a place in an undergraduate course.

After you apply, assessment of your application will take approximately 2 weeks to learn if you were successful in gaining a place in your chosen undergraduate course and approximately one month to secure your visa. Please note that if you've applied for a future intake, your application will be considered when assessing for this intake opens.

You can track your application by logging back into your online account and viewing the status of your application.

If you've met all entry requirements, we'll email you directly with an offer. If the offer is conditional, you'll need to meet the offer conditions before accepting it. If you've been sent an unconditional offer, you can choose to accept it immediately.

Once you receive an offer you can apply for Advanced Standing. If you change your mind about your preferred course you will have the opportunity to apply to transfer courses at a later time.

To find out how this is done, see Offers and enrolments.

We have one of the most generous scholarship programs in Australia to help with your tuition and living costs. For some scholarships, you're automatically considered and there is no separate application, for other scholarships, you'll need to apply.

  • Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship – awarding around 30 scholarships with a $10 000 tuition fee remission in the first year of an undergraduate degree and around 10 scholarships with a 100% tuition fee remission for the normal full-time duration of an undergraduate degree.
  • Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship – for high achieving international students who have completed secondary school in Australia, you'll automatically be considered for this scholarship. The scholarship awards you with a 50% tuition fee remission for a full-time bachelor degree. Also a Global Scholars Award of up to $2 500 for approved overseas study. Plus a guaranteed International Full Fee place in one of the professional graduate degrees.
  • Other scholarships and bursaries – you can apply for these after you enrol at Melbourne. Some are offered by faculties to reward you for academic achievement. Others are to help with the general cost of living and tuition while studying at Melbourne.

Find the right scholarship for you at Melbourne Scholarships

If you're planning to move to Melbourne for your studies, get in early to secure a place through our University Accommodation guarantee.

The program offers a place close to campus in one of our Halls or partner-provided accommodation facilities. All first-year undergraduate students can apply, with preference given to applicants that live overseas, interstate and in rural Victoria.

To find out about eligibility and how to apply, see University Accommodation.

Other accommodation options

There are also other options such as residential colleges, student apartments, share houses, homestay and temporary accommodation.

For help finding a place to live in Melbourne, see Accommodation.

Under 18 international students

If you're under 18, you'll need to ensure that your proposed arrangements for accommodation, support, and welfare meet visa requirements.

To find out what these requirements are, see requirements for under 18 international students.