Master of Teaching (Secondary) Internship

      What will I study?


      After an initial on-campus program, you'll be placed at a participating school on a starting para-professional salary.

      Teach and learn

      Over two years, you will teach and lead your own classes while continuing your academic studies, with support and mentoring from the University and your school. Our integrated program means you can make an impact in the classroom while you study.

      Gain unique skills to assist individual learning needs

      Through studies in evidence-based teaching, the Master of Teaching will help you develop interventionist educational assistance. You'll develop the professional skills to assess, diagnose and support the individual learning needs of all students, and work with learners of all abilities.

      Please note: the Commonwealth Government of Australia now requires all students undertaking initial teacher education courses in Australia to pass a literacy and numeracy test.

      Subjects for 2020 Intake

      Please note: 2020 intake is a two year course.

      YearSubject Subject code Credit Points
      1 Evidence Based Learning and Teaching 1 EDUC90580 12.5
        Developing Clinical Practice 1 EDUC90593 18.75
        Learning and Teaching Contexts 1 EDUC90583 12.5
        Learning Area A1 EDUC90596 18.75
        Learning Area B1 EDUC90597 18.75
        Connecting and Engaging Students EDUC90822 6.25
        Language, Literacy and Numeracy EDUC90823 12.5
      2 Evidence Based Learning and Teaching 2 EDUC90582 12.5
        Developing Clinical Practice 2 EDUC90594 12.5
        Learning and Teaching Contexts 2 EDUC90584 12.5
        Learning Area A2 EDUC90997 18.75
        Learning Area B2 EDUC90998 18.75
        Professional Learning Capstone (Interns) EDUC90999 25

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      The Master of Teaching (Secondary) is completed in 200 points of study over two years full time. Teacher Candidates complete 7 core subjects, 2 Learning Area study sequences (or a double sequence), and 3 Clinical Teaching Practice subjects which incorporate the secondary school placements, and subjects in either the Coursework or Research options.